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Weight Loss Management

Our practitioners are trained in the National Weightloss Management Programme and can offer bespoke treatment pathways for our patients in the management and maintenance of their weight. All products are licensed in the UK and FDA approved to assist with weight loss.

These medications mimic the action of the body’s natural hormone (GLP-1) which regulates appetite and food intake.
GLP-1 is released into the gut after eating and makes you feel full, hence your appetite is reduced. It also delays the time it takes for the stomach to empty, keeping you feeling full and satisfied for longer. This helps you maintain a calorie controlled diet of your choice.

Treatment is available for adults age 18-75 and with a BMI over 30 or a BMI over 27 with other weight related health conditions.

The NMWLP uses prescribed medications and therefore you must complete a medical assessment to ensure it is safe to use.

If you are not in the specified BMI categories above, you should call us to discuss the options available to you.