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Milia & Skin Tag Removal

What causes Milia or Skin Tags?

For those annoying tiny white lumps under the skin that are called Milia. Often visible around the eye area, forehead and cheek. They are thought to be caused by either too little water in the skin or an imbalance of the oils (lipids) such as using too rich a moisturiser in this area. Although most people will have just one or two, some people are genetically predisposed to getting many.

Skin Tags are a common problem with many areas affected, often worse in areas where skin can rub – including neck, underarm, bra line and groin. They are often small like a tiny teardrop shaped piece of excess skin, but can grow much larger. They are thought to be triggered by a viral infection.

What Results Can I Expect?

Primarily, we will use an anesthetic on the skin to provide a completely pain free removal. With Milia removal there are two methods that we might use, this depends on the site, number and size of the milia. Removing skin tags is a miro-current, using this technique cauterises the area so there is minimal trauma and no bleeding.

These are both quick procedures, lasting approximately 15 minutes, but could be longer depending on the number to be removed.